TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (may change [a bit])

(Lectures and exercises take place in room CM 5.)

Except for weeks 1 and 10 to 14, all the other classes (weeks 2 to 9) is "flipped" and organized as follows:

When there is a quiz (weeks 5, 7, 10, 14), everything is shifted by 1 hour. (Notice, btw, the quizzes are not meant to be a preparation for the exam; exercises are; quizzes are only a feedback providing evaluation/comprehension test.)

Week 1 being a "welcome week", it starts with 2 hours of usual lecture, followed by 2 hours of introductory practical session.

Starting from week 11, Pr. Antoine Bosselut will give a series of three new> lectures on Modern NLP (Deep Learning). These lecture are not pre-recorded and will be taught live.

Texts in bold (weekly updated) are links to the corresponding course material.

Wednesday 08h15 - 09h00 Wednesday 09h15 - 10h00 Wednesday 10h15 - 11h00 Wednesday 11h15 - 12h00
1 20/09/2023 Introduction to NLP
Linguistics Levels in Natural Language Processing (MR)
PS: Machine Translation (MR+DB)
2 27/09/2023 Evaluation in NLP (MR):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
PS: Evaluation (MR+DB)
3 04/10/2023 Evaluation in NLP 2 (MR):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on evaluation (MR) Exercises (exam preparation) & QAS/"office hours" (MR)
4 11/10/2023 Word, tokens, n-grams and Language Models (JCC):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on n-grams/language models (JCC) Exercises & QAS (JCC)
5 18/10/2023 Quiz: NLP and evaluation (weeks 1-3, online, 4%) Tagging (JCC):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on POS tagging (1) (JCC) Exercises + QAS (JCC)
6 25/10/2023 HMM decoding and learning (Viterbi and EM) (JCC):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on POS tagging (2) (JCC) PS: PoS Tagging (JCC+DB)
7 01/11/2023 Quiz: n-grams + Tagging (weeks 2-5, online, 4%) Textual data analysis and classification (JCC):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on textual classification (JCC) Exercises + QAS (JCC)
8 08/11/2023 Vector space Semantics (and Information Retrieval) (JCC):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on information retrieval (JCC) PS: Text classification (JCC+DB)
9 15/11/2023 Quiz: up to classification (weeks 1-7, online, 4%) Semantics (MR):
[slides] [video] [review slides]
Hands-on semantics (MR) Exercises + QAS (MR)
10 22/11/2023 Deep Learning for NLP (no pre-recording) (Pr. A. Bosselut):
[slides] [video]
some practice (spread over the other 3 slots) (Pr. A. Bosselut)
11 29/11/2023 Generation (no pre-recording) (Pr. A. Bosselut):
[slides] [video]
coding assignment (Pr. A. Bosselut)
12 06/12/2023 PS: Semantics with LLMs (1/2) (MR+DB)
13 13/12/2023 PS: Semantics with LLMs (2/2) (MR+DB)
14 20/12/2023 Quiz: from classification to Generation (incl.) (weeks 7-11, online, 4%) Ethics in NLP (no pre-recording) (Pr. A. Bosselut):
[slides] [video]
Future of NLP (no pre-recording) (Pr. A. Bosselut):
[slides] [video]

Videos of the lectures

Annotated slides

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